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About Keddem's Web Site

Keddem's Web presence began in January, 1995, making it among the first Jewish congregations on the Web. We registered our domain name in October, 1995. Keddem is among the pioneers of Jewish congregations in the use not only of the Web, but also of electronic mail for internal communications, especially among the Board, the committee chairs, and the various members of our committees.

Keddem's web site was created and is maintained by

Picture of Joe Keenan Thanks to Joe Keenan for his help with this site.

Todah rabah to the folks at, for their gracious permission to use their Hebrew calendar Javascript code.

We welcome your comments on this web site; please contact us by sending e-mail to Keddem's WebRebs.

Blue Ribbon Campaign Keddem supports free speech on the Internet (and all other rights set forth in the Constitution of the United States).

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