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30 Kislev 5778
Parashat Vayigash
Rosh Chodesh Tevet
Channukah: 7 Candles
Caveat on reading
Kaplan Quote of the Week

Weekly Quote from Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, z"l (1881-1983)
The real problem that should concern us is not what "religious" truth to uphold as what to do with and for the Jews whose moral wellbeing depends upon the maintenance of the collective entity of the Jewish people.

From Communings of the Spirit, Vol. I, page 116, Friday, March 23, 1917; used with permission.

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Keddem Congregation is a community-led, Jewish Reconstructionist congregation, passionately committed to infusing tradition with new meaning. Keddem is based in Palo Alto, California, on the San Francisco Peninsula.

Worship, study, community and governance at Keddem are based on the following values: Keddem Congregation is inclusive, egalitarian, participatory, inquiring, innovative, and compassionate.

Study Torah with Us

After a long sabbatical, Torah Study returns to Keddem! The new year's first session will be on Saturday, October 28, 2017, at 10:15 am, at a member's home. See here for more info. Please contact our Torah study coordinators for details. We will be studying Parsha Lech Lecha; books, coffee, and comfortable surroundings will be provided. (Those coming are invited to bring other refreshments.)

Our next session will be Dec 2; then, beginning in January, the fourth Saturday each month.

Donate to Keddem

Keddem welcomes donations to support the cost of our High Holy Day services, which are open to the community without charge. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

And, thank you!

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Keddem's Email Lists

Keddem maintains four email lists for announcements and discussion: The Members List, the Interest List, the NewsWire List, and the Discussion List.

For a description of each list and information on how to join a list, update your email address, remove yourself from a list, or post to a list, click here. (As mentioned there, archives are available for all of these lists.)

Reconstructionist Movement Logo We are one of over 100 congregations and havurot affiliated with the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities. Liberal in outlook, yet respecting tradition, Reconstructionism is the newest of the four movements of organized American Judaism. To learn more, click here.  

  Phone: (650) 494-6400

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 50758
Palo Alto, California 94303
  Keddem is located in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area. We're but 30 miles from San Francisco and 17 miles from San José, in the "mid-peninsula" or "south peninsula" area.

If you're looking for Kedem Congregation in Melbourne, Australia, you'll find them here!

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