Children's Programs at Keddem Congregation

...and you shall teach them diligently to your children…(Deuteronomy 6:7 )

The future of Judaism as a civilization cannot be assured without careful attention to the education and experiences presented to our children. Since our continued participation in Judaism is colored by our childhood experiences, both positive and negative, it is important to present an enjoyable as well as informative program to our next generation of Jews.

Children are always welcome at all Keddem services and other community events. 

We do, however, have several programs created specifically for children (and their parents.)

Children’s Services

Children’s Services are held concurrently with our regular third Saturday of the month Shacharit service and are at Kehillah Jewish High School.

Children's services begin right after the Torah processional at approximately 11:00 AM and last until 11:45, at which point the children rejoin the regular service for Adon Olam and Kiddush. The children’s service includes music, reading, singing and instruction appropriate for children age 1-10. Parents are encouraged to attend, especially with their younger children.

Junior Congregation

Junior Congregation is aimed at children from approximately first grade through bar/bat mitzvah. The services are held on the 2nd Saturday of odd-numbered months; for 2007 the dates are January 13, March 10, May 12, July 14, September 8, and November 10. Junior Congregation is held at Kehillah Jewish High School.

Each Shabbat morning will be composed of approximately thirty minutes of teaching and thirty minutes of service, with in-depth practice each week on a particular aspect of the service. We will continue to have an adult coordinating and teaching, but our young people often lead the songs and readings. Whenever possible, a young person will give the D'var Torah. At 10:15 AM the leading of songs and readings will be planned; the Service will begin at 10:30 AM.

Special Events

Young Children's Celebration, for pre-K children,  and Junior Congregation, led by children from Kindergarten through post-bat/bar mitzvah, are highlights of both Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur at Keddem. Our children decorate our sukkah each year, enjoy our “Dinner under the Stars,” and celebrate as a part of our community at Simchat Torah, Purim, and Passover.

Hebrew School; Bar/Bat Mitzvah

As of this time, Keddem Congregation does not support a formal Hebrew school. If enough families are interested in the future this will change

We are delighted to help our members make individual arrangements for a variety of educational experiences tailored to the needs of their children. Such arrangements vary from a Jewish day school experience (private school with integrated English and Hebrew instruction) to private tutoring and after-school classes with other Jewish organizations on the Peninsula. If you are looking for a Sunday morning program for your child (grades K-8) we are pleased to refer you to PASJE, the Palo Alto School for Jewish Education, as an excellent option.  Keddem Congregation is also pleased to be an associate council member of Peninsula Havurah High, a Jewish education program for high school students.

If you wish to plan a bar or bat mitzvah for your child, arrangements must be made and a date agreed upon early enough that study can begin no less than one year in advance of the proposed date.  Life-cycle ceremonies at Keddem Congregation are a privilege of membership. Feel free to contact us by phone for additional information, or send email to .

For more information about any of our children’s programs, send email to or call the Keddem office at (650) 494-6400.

This page last updated on 03/14/2007

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